Dimpos Sitompul : Healed from Tumor at the Back of His Right Shoulder in KPPI 23 September 2003

Here is a healing testimony of Dimpos Sitompul who was healed from a tumor at the back of the right shoulder for 10 years.

I am a farmer from Pahae Sigompulon village, North Tapanuli, North Sumatera. Around 1987 on the back of my right shoulder, there was a lump as big as a thumb, it was reddish black in color, but I did not feel any pain so I could still work in the field.

In May of 2000 the lump was getting bigger as big as a meatball. I felt very painful. I could no longer raise my right hand. In January 2003, the lump burst. It was pus mixed with blood for almost 75 cc. It was very painful. The ruptured bump marked a small hole and looked like a rotten fruit.

I was so miserable and desperate that I wished to kill myself because I could not bear the pain. I was living with despair, because of the painful growing tumor.

On September 25, 2003, I attended KPPI in a state of the lump ruptured and caused my shirt wet. It was very painful. But God did a miracle. As I was praising the Lord I felt peaceful. And I listened to the Word of God I was strengthened. I repented from all my sins. At the time of healing prayer, I came forward to be prayed for. After being prayed, the pain in my right shoulder dissappeared.

I had seen myself that wound of the lump that was bleeding mixed with pus became dry and didn’t bleed anymore. Thank God…. The Lord Jesus has healed.