Eko Manaku : Healed from Broken Back Bone in KPPI 23 August 2018

In a terrible accident, Eko Manaku had a broken bone. The accident happened on 3 July 2018 when he was watching World Cup competition with his friends in Jayapura at 10.00 pm. He went home after the game was over. He was walking down and fell from a building that was three meters in height. He tried to get himself up off the ground but it was very difficult and painful. He kept on trying as hard as he could to get up and reached the top or no one would find and help him. Accidentally his friend was passing by and he called him to take him to the hospital. His condition was already very bad. He couldn’t move his body, even couldn’t walk. He was lifted up on the motorcycle and took him to the hospital.

As he was taken into the hospital, he felt very painful. He was treated there and the condition was very bad. He couldn’t move himself to the left or the right. He couldn’t urinate or defecate. He felt very painful. He could only cry and prayed that God would help him.

The doctor checked him and asked him to take roentgen of his backbone. Then he underwent an intensive medical check-up. There were two doctors that handled him, a bone specialist and a surgeon. They told him that he suffered from a broken backbone. That was why he had to get more intensive treatment.

The condition of being unable to urinate and defecate was very painful. He cried every day hoping that he could urinate. In more than two weeks he could only lie down and couldn’t be able to sit or stand up.

After being one month hospitalized, the doctor said that he had to be referred to another hospital outside Papua. They chose a hospital in Jakarta. Praise the Lord, at last, he could leave for Jakarta.

In Jakarta, he met the orthopaedic doctor right away. I got checked and the result showed that there were two broken bones inside my back. And I had to take a surgery, otherwise would become paralyzed or got blind. He kept on believing that God would be able to heal him. God answered his earnest prayer.

Two ministers of God came by to pray for him and invited him and his mother to come to KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service) on the next day.

Finally, he came to KPPI on Thursday, August 23, 2018, in a condition of wearing the back posture corrector and a stick to help him walk.

During the service he felt strengthened. He was praying and crying, asked the Lord to heal him. The sermon that he heard also strengthened his heart and faith to receive healing. He also watched the healing testimonial film and believed that he would also be healed.

All the sick people were called to step forward to be prayed. When the counselor prayed for him, he felt like there was water flowing through his back. He was praying and at the same time crying and asking for forgiveness.  The minister asked him to sit and then stand up, some thing he wasn’t allowed to do it by the doctor.  He felt doubt firs, but then he decided to do it. He sat down and then stood up frequently. He was very surprised that all the pain disappeared.  He could move all his body normally without any pain at all. God already healed him.

The next day he met the doctor for medical checked up, the doctor was very surprised seeing him walked normally, didn’t use stick anymore. He is already healed totally. God has worked so greatly.

You can watch the healing testimonial film here: