Gideon Silaban: Healed from GBS Disease in KPPI Jakarta 25 January 2018

Here is the healing testimony story of Gideon Silaban, a young man who was healed from a rare disease called GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome).

His illness started on November the first, 2017 when he woke up in the morning and was packing up for school. Everything was normal at first. But when he was trying to open the shelf using his toes, he couldn’t do it as his toes became weak. He didn’t care much about it. He continued to wear socks and left for school. At school his leg became weaker, even his fingers couldn’t have strength to tidy up his shirt and asked his friend to do it. He felt his hands and legs became weaker. Finally he decided to make a phone call to his mother.

His mother returned home right away and asked to shake hand with him but he couldn’t hold her mother’s hand at all. And her mother took him to the hospital that night, a private hospital in South Jakarta. At the emergency room, the doctor checked him and told us that he had to meet a neurologist. He was referred to a hospital in Central Jakarta and the result of the checking up showed that he suffered from a rare disease called GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome). He was hospitalised from November 2 until 16 in a paralysed condition and got weaker and weaker.

He went back home from the hospital on 17 November by using a wheel chair. At home I had to take care of him fully because all his activities had to be assisted. Right from eating and doing daily activities were assisted. Her mother had to bath him on his bed, also urinated, dedicated, all were done on bed.

Gideon had undergone many tests. On the second EMG test, the result showed clearly that he suffered from a rare disease, GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome). The symptoms of this disease are: difficulty to keep the balance, weak parts of the body, severe back pain, difficulty to move eye or face parts, difficulty to speak, swallow, paralysing the whole body, difficulty to breathe.

During the difficult time, her mother asked all their relatives pray more for Gideon. The team of KPPI visited him to pray for him and invited them to come to KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service) on January 25, 2018.

Finally Gideon and his mother attended KPPI on January 25, 2018 with a heart full of hope and faith. God worked and answered their prayers. When he was prayed, miracles happened. His whole body and legs became strong and he could walk around the service room strongly, even walked upstair to testify his healing on the stage. God had healed him. All his weakness and paralysing was totally healed. Praise the Lord.