Horas (9 years old) – Healed From Hydrocephalus



This is a healing testimony of Horas Harahap who was healed from hydrocephalus since he was a baby.

For Munjayana, a mother who was in pregnancy, she was very shocked when she heard that the doctor diagnosed her baby with hydrocephalus. In her 8 months old of pregnancy the doctor said that her baby,  Horas Harahap,  suffered from hydrocephalus, a condition where there is an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the brain that usually has the symptom of a rapid increase in head size. The doctor also stated that there was no cure for this kind of illness.

The long-term effect of hydrocephalus can cause problems in personality, memory, or the ability to reason or think; epilepsy, slow growth, even permanent brain damage that causes death. The complication that happened to hydrocephalus patients also caused a problem in vision that can result in blindness.

After the diagnose was stated,  in her 8 months old of pregnancy every week she had to undergo USG to monitor the progress of the baby. The result was the same, that he suffered from hydrocephalus and he had to take an operation, placing a drainage tube after the baby was born. But she decided to surrender him to the Lord and told her husband that if only the baby would have been born healthy they had to give him up to God to serve Him. Her husband agreed to give their son to God.

Horas Harahap was born in a condition of abnormal and bigger head size. Since his parents didn’t have enough money to take him to the doctor who could treat his illness, his mother kept on hoping to get a healing miracle from God. But at the age of six months old, relatives and neighbors collected money to take Horas for getting CT Scan check up. The result of CT Scan test showed that the cerebrospinal fluid was quite a lot and the doctor advised that he had to be operated because it determined his being alive or dead. The life expectancy for Horas was only 25 percent left if he was operated. Hearing this, Munjayana decided to bring her son home and surrender to God alone.

In a condition of sadness and desperateness,in she finally put her hope in the Lord when a servant of God from KPPI came to her house and invited her to attend a healing service, KPPI.  It was the time her faith rose up to believe that her son would be healed there without any money or doctor. But what she needed was full of hope and complete faith to the Lord.

Since then she regularly came to KPPI without absence from the year  2008 – 2013. She decided to put her full hope and faith in God for the healing of Horas and never took him to the doctor anymore.

Her decision not to bring Horas to the doctor and didn’t take the operation for his sickness had resulted in many arguments from close friends, relatives, and family. But she was strong in her faith that Lord Jesus is able to heal her son, Horas. She faithfully and continually attended the healing service, KPPI and prayed for Horas.

In 2009 a miracle already happened to Horas as he was able to  turn his body upside down. In 2010 he was able to stand up and in 2011 he was able to walk. Even in 2013 Horas became cleverer, learned fast and also walked fast. Attending KPPI for long and continually, Horas’ size head get smaller and was in a balance proportion suited to  his body.

A miracle had already happened. Little Horas had grown up normally without any problem. His activeness  and intelligence were normal as other kids.

When Horas was 5 years old he took another CT Scan test on February 8, 2013.  The same doctor who treated him when he was 6 months old then compared the result of the CT Scan that day to the result of the CT Scan when he was 6 months old. The doctor was amazed and said that a miracle had taken place. Because usually for a child who suffered hydrocephalus then the fluid in his brain will increase but it didn’t happen to him. It was contradictory. His brain increased and grew up and the fluid in his brain has lessened. Horas has been already healed from hydrocephalus.

Right now Horas is  9 years old and already going to school with good intelligence. He also diligently goes to Sunday School, a young happy and active boy.

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