Prayitno : Healed from Leprosy in KPPI Jakarta, 24 February 2005

At first, I felt numbness in both my left and right leg. I also felt heat sensation. All the muscles over my body, from leg to hands, were swollen and painful.

I had gone to many doctors but I didn’t see any changes. Finally, in 2003, I went to a hospital in Central Jakarta. I went through many tests and the result showed that I positively had leprosy.

After being diagnosed with leprosy, I was given medicine therapy. I had to take five kinds of medicine every day for a year, but there was no change, even my body looked terrible.

I lost my weight and became thinner. My skin was darker and there were red spots that turned into black that appeared in my skin. The skin of my feet looked cracked just like the soil in the dry season.

In November 2004, I went to Jakarta and I was listening to Heartline Radio in which KPPI was on air. In this program I asked the team to pray for my sickness. Then, the following week, a minister from KPPI came to my house and prayed for me. I was invited to come to KPPI service that would be held in Pancoran, Tebet.

In November 2004, finally, I attended KPPI for the first time. There were not any changes when I attended KPPI for one or two times, but my faith was strengthened.

I kept this strong faith that I would be healed, even though I had come for two or three times and nothing was not changed yet.

In February 24, 2005, Susan Sumbayak prayed for me in KPPI. At that time the condition of my feet was swollen, had a burning sensation and pain. She laid her hands on my sick feet that had leprosy and prayed in the name of Jesus. God answers prayers. After being prayed, praise God, my right feet felt cold, the part that first felt burning sensation. I was already healed.

Sometime after that I checked myself to the doctor. And I was amazed. The result of the checking up was I was cleaned. There was no leprosy in my body.

Jesus had healed me. All glory be to God.

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