Ivan LS Simen : Healed from Sight Problem Caused by Broken Cheekbone in KPPI Jakarta 8 November 2018

On July 30, 2018,  Ivan LS Simen had a terrible accident while he was riding his motorcycle that caused him unconscious and coma for one week. When he gained his consciousness he found out that his left eye could not see clearly. The result of the CT Scan showed that some parts of his cheekbone were broken that caused sight problem.

As the result, his left eye was not able to focus.

The doctor suggested him take a surgery since that was the only way to heal his sight problem. But he didn’t have the courage to do it, because it was a major surgery that would take 6 hours long.  The doctor also said that the surgery would be over his head, under his eye, and inside his mouth. He decided not to take it and went home the next day to get the outpatient treatment.

Others offered him to go to a medicine man that could heal by touching the sick part, but he refused to do it.

His left eye became so painful as the eye could not focus. He was afraid to drive because he had double vision, the cars around him looked double. All things became double in his sight. He forced himself to drive by closing one eye with black eyeglasses, but he could not hold for long and he had to stop.

Another suffering was the teardrops coming out from his left eye so often and it was really disturbing. Even in the middle of a conversation the tears flowing out from his eye without control.

His left part of his cheek that had fractures was also felt very painful. When he was sleeping he could not sleep to the left because of the pain.

He suffered so greatly caused by the eye problem. Every time he wanted to read he had to close one eye. But this could not take long as he would feel very dizzy.

Around three months later a servant of God visited him in his house and gave him a brochure of KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service).  He finally came to this service on Thursday, November 8, 2018. After he got prayed he felt all his pain his cheek disappeared and he could see normally. God had healed him. He received complete healing. His pain on the left cheek disappeared. His eye also could see normally. He could read and drive without closing one of his eyes. God made a great miracle to Him. Praise the Lord.

The healing testimonial film can be watched here: