Mince Wanimbo: Healed from Gastritis at KPPI Jakarta 26 July 2018

From 2015 to 2016, she already felt the symptoms of the sickness on her stomach, but she did not care much about it. She thought it was not a serious illness. The symptoms continued until she moved to Jakarta in 2016, but she did not take it seriously. Until one day, in March 2017, after going back from campus, she got sick because she was late taking her lunch. She felt a burning stomach pain. It was like being stabbed. She had fever and nausea. She felt difficult to sleep.

She went to the Public Health Clinic and was checked there. The doctor said that she got gastritis and it was bleeding. The doctor gave her medicine and she took the medicine, but she did not get better. She went back to the doctor, but there was no progress. She would use an ointment when the pain came up. The sickness continued and never got better.

One day, a friend of her invited her to come to KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service). She attended the service on July 26, 2018. She came with a condition of a painful stomach. However, she had faith that Jesus was able to touch and heal her. Praise the Lord; she has been healed from gastritis. The sickness never comes up until now. Praise the Lord.

You can watch the healing testimonial film here: