Sartje Sapuri : Healed from Knee Pain During Live Streaming of KPPI 28 June 2018

Sartje Sapuri, a lady who lives in Yogyakarta, suffered from knee pain. The sickness started when she felt painful in her left leg and right arm. After being sick for five months, a friend of her took her to have a message in Muntilan. She went there three times but there was no progress, instead it got worse.

She couldn’t easily change her position. To change her position she had to do it by sitting. She would get up and sit back, then lying down again.

She went to a hospital in Yogya and took roentgen two times and scanning one time. But the doctor couldn’t find any disease in her. She had to go for a therapy every week. Every time she would get injections in three points, they were at her right shoulder, her back and her knee. It had been months but there was no progress. She had consumed many medicines but the pain was still there. There was no progress for nine months until she once had to use a wheelchair.

Finally, she made a decision not to go to the doctor anymore. One day she read in Facebook that there was would be a healing service, KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service) in Jakarta. She joined the service and watched the Live Streaming program of KPPI in Facebook by lying down in her bed.

When the healing service was conducted she prayed with faith that the blood of Jesus would heal her knee pain. She kept on saying that by Jesus’ stripes that all her disease was already healed. Then she knelt down. She asked her daughter to take a photograph on her kneeling down. Praise the Lord, she could kneel down without any pain. Jesus had healed her.