Titin : Healed from Blurry Eye in KPPI Jakarta 22 March 2018

Here is the healing testimony that happened to Titin who got problem with her sight for 6 months. It would be blurry and unclear when seeing from the left direction.

She was curious and tried to close her right eye and see with her left eye. She could see clearly. And then she closed her left eye and used her right eye to see on her left, it was clear. But when she opened both her eyes and trying to see through her left direction, her sight was totally blurred.

Because of her sight problem, it was difficult for her to cross the road and the cars came from her left. Because she wasn’t able to see from her left direction as it was blurry. The only was as closing one of her eyes, whether her left or right eye in order to see clearly.

The same thing also happened when she saw her friends on her left. She had to close one of her eyes to get a clear vision. She did the same thing when she was in the canteen where she worked. She would close one of her eyes to get a clear vision when many asked her to buy things.

Finally, a minister of God came and invited her to come to KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service). She knew about this service from a friend who read it from Facebook and was invited to go there. She agreed to attend the service with her. She went there two times, on March 8 and 22, 2018. God answered her prayer. After she was prayed and was praising the Lord, all her sight problem had gone and she could see clearly from left direction without closing one of her eyes. God is so good.