HMC Training

We open Healing Ministry Course training class for those who long to serve in the healing ministry. Kami membuka kelas training Healing Ministry Course bagi saudara yang rindu melayani dalam pelayanan kesembuhan.


HMC – Healing Ministry Course is a place for everyone who longs to serve in KPPI – Praise and Divine Healing Crusade.

LDD – Long Distance Discipleship is a program of teaching and guidance for the disciples who have passed HMC, so that HMC graduates have spirit that keeps burning and are ready to serve the Lord.

HMC / LDD is opened to all (church workers as well as common people – students, college students, employees, professionals, housewives) and it is INTERDENOMINATION.

Para peserta HMC sedang training mendoakan orang sakit

The purpose of HMC:

Giving opportunities as many as possible to general people who long to be used by God, to take part in the healing ministry at the end of time.

The Basic Word of God:

The basic thing of this HMC is the truth–Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross 2000 years ago included healing (I Peter 2:24) and every believer can be used by God to serve in the healing ministry. (Mark 16: 20).

Interdenominational Feature:

The opportunity to take part in this healing ministry is opened to all church denominations without prioritizing the interests of particular churches.

Benefits for Participants:

  • Knowing God’s plans in his/her life.
  • Recognizing the Lord Jesus with His resurrection power.
  • Experiencing positive changes and good growth in his/her spiritual life.
  • Becoming an effective God’s witness who is used by God with His power and anointing.

Manfaat bagi Gereja :

The church will have burdened and fiery congregations in serving.

They are ready and well-trained to serve, seek and win the souls.

Helping the growth of the church.

FREE. . . . . ! FREE. . . . . . . . !
Participants will be given training materials and all are free of charge. For LDD participants the teaching and the guidance programs will be conducted online via email or telephone.

Means for Praying the Sick People
HMC participants can participate in praying for the sick people in KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Crusade) which has already been held by GPPI Pondok Daud since 1993 and still continues until now every Thursday at the second and fourth week in a month, where healing miracles from whole diseases always occur in it.

For registration please contact the office of KPPI Secretariat by calling the telephone: 021 – 586 4272.